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Romanian constitutional referendum, Everybody in Romania especially fresh graduates tend to share a flat because the prices of 2- to 3-room flats are cheaper than 1-room flats. The Coalition received backing from the Orthodox Church and other religions as well as all but one parliamentary parties. A short history of the queer time of "post-socialist" Romania, or, Are we there yet? Sinceit has been possible for someone who has gone through sex reassignment surgery to legally change their sex in their official documents.

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Knowing somebody in Romania is very difficult.

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Romanian Gay-Rights Groups Hail Failure Of Referendum To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

There is a large section of the population that is worse than the Romanian mindset, and one is far more likely to be beat up for being LGBT in the US than in most of Eastern Europe. Very much so, esp when you travel to other countries and realize how much more open it can be. How do you deal with relationships in a place where being closeted is the norm? Talon Windwalker August 9, The referendum took place in Romania on 6 and 7 October and ultimately failed as the turnout was only Retrieved 7 October

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Although the last anti-gay law, Articlewas repealed insocietal attitudes towards gay and lesbian citizens are still quite discriminatory, [74] particularly in rural areas. The CPF gathered 3 million signatures in three years to push for the vote. Sexual orientation and military service. Talon Windwalker August 9, Ciobotaru is also critical of the Orthodox Church, which he says has "a perverse attitude. Indeed, it is terrible to think that nowadays the great majority of human being still minds if their neighboor are two men living together or if some job female mate dates another woman. Starting withthe corresponding Transylvanian-Hungarian code penalized gay men only if they engaged in violent homosexual acts, such as rape or attempted rape.

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