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I continued to lick, flick, bite, caress, suck, massage, grasp and pinch his huge nipples with my mouth and hands for another 30 minutes. But as time goes on I think about it more and more. I could feel my heart racing a hundred miles an hours. To my surprise, he was not wearing underwear. I did some slides and played with water.

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Dildos ranging from the size of a banana to the size of a baseball bat were carefully arranged in the case next to a set of eight anal beads; starting from the size of a golf ball to the largest which was as large as a softball.

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I found his mouth and we kissed deep, with Hector ramming his tongue deep down my throat. The boy could not even believe he had survived three days of physical and sexual torture at the hands of this insane and cock starved animal. I reached over and cupped his balls in my hand. The man had promised he would let the boy go once he had made a man out of him. This reminded me of my college days when we used to do crazy things on a whim.

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We grabbed a quick breakfast and headed for the field. As far as he was concerned, I was as straight as he was. So I contacted a friend of mine that could give me some X, ouch they were like 30 bucks each pill, but I was gonna enjoy this. An All Boys' School Feb 12, Neither of us had fresh clothes so we decided to grab a burger at a drive up and just hit the sack since both of us were exhausted from digging out the pickup. I love nipples more than anything; hard ones make me so horny.

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