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The selfie Photoshop feature enhances the man's chest and biceps, while deceptively making his length and girth seem bigger than it truly is. There's always lovely scenery -- beautiful forests, gorgeous lakes, and gentle mountain streams -- to piss you off because guys use them as profile pics. It's imperative you take your line out before fishing hour's over. All fish require H20 to thrive. Tuna, Cod, Snapper, and get terrified and confused if separated. It's imperative you go offline before your date's bathroom break's over. Chances are your dad sparked interest in the sport.

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Fish love to travel and rarely host.

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24 Reasons Why Gay Hookup Sites Are a Lot Like Fishing

There's nothing worse than a deadbeat guy who latches on to you and won't stop writing a stupid line. All fish require H20 to thrive. You're best off searching in Open Waters. Any sudden signs of commitment are liable to scare them off. If they're horny enough they'll swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

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Everyone wants to catch the bottom-feeders. Most of the day consists of lying around and waiting for a bite, with amazingly boring stretches of drinking beer in between. You're best off searching for Open Relationships. After a long stretch, you finally hook an amazing guy. Fish hang out in schools:

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