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Geez I don't ever remember crying before except maybe when I was a little kid cause I'm not a crier but a fighter but my life has been such shit lately and I guess you can only take so much and now I'm like this crying machine and it just seems to go on and on but Bob just holds me really tight and then I feel him kissing my neck and rubbing my back and he says, "Why did you let that asshole touch you, why didn't you come to me. Well as I've already implied Dave continued to have me service him. Our little town rests in the middle of what at one time were great forests. I turned fourteen a few days ago, and I still love being daddy's little baby slut, same as he likes being mine. Finally one Saturday in April he cornered me to go fishing with him and there just wasn't any way that I could get out of it without making a big deal out of it. I mean I could feel his breath on my ear and the whole thing sent shivers thru me but I just kinda put it outta my head and after fishing a bit more we headed for home. You will no longer be just my son after this.

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If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum real soon.

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He grips from inside and I cry out. Well as I've already implied Dave continued to have me service him. That night when you told me you were gay, I had to stop myself from forcing me on you. During lunch we talked about his job. I grabbed onto his ass, and held on for the ride. My Little Loup Garou. She wanted to have sex with me but I told her politely that I am married.

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Well as I've already implied Dave continued to have me service him. James admires his step- father and shares a good rapport with him. I am your love. He kept coming inside of me, with some additions in my mouths later on. Trying New Things with the Old Man. When he added the third finger, I almost passed out. Also our bed is big enough to accommodate all three of us.

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