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Parker provided the voice of Kanye, both in the episode and in "Gay Fish", a full-length song featured at the end of the episode about West's realization that he actually is a gay fish. In the episode, the character Jimmy writes a joke about fishsticks -- the gist is that if you like fishsticks you're a gay fish -- the ends up being a national sensation, but Kanye is the only person who doesn't understand. By now, Cartman has not only convinced himself he wrote the whole joke without Jimmy's help, but believes he also saved his life from a black widowslew a dragondefeated an army of Jew robotsand has powers similar to the Human Torch. At the end of the episode, after denying his latent feelings, West — dressed in a green vest and skin-tight fish-scale pants — finally realizes that he can't keep his inner fish closeted anymore, tells his crew "It's time for me to stop running. Ramsey Isler of IGN declared it the best episode of the season, calling it a "beautiful Kanye West spoof that was so well-timed, so hilarious and so spot-on" that it became a "phenomenon".

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Fishsticks - Official South Park Studios Wiki | South Park Studios

After some prompting, Stan reveals that there was a shooting at his school, but he acts like it's not a big deal at all and, after ascertaining that Stan is unharmed and uninvolved, his parents follow suit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved February 24, South Park season 13 List of South Park episodes. Archived from the original on November 8, I used to use it to build up my esteem when nobody believed in me. After coming up with the idea, Parker and Stone waited a long time before they finally wrote the script because, Stone said, "It just seemed too dumb.

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Carlos Menciahost of the former Comedy Central show Mind of Menciais portrayed in "Fishsticks" as knowingly stealing credit for a joke he did not write; this is a reference to accusations other comedians have made that Mencia plagiarizes jokes from other people. The episode also spoofed comedian Carlos Menciawho praised the episode after it was broadcast. South Park Studios Official. The episode received positive, if slightly mixed reviews. Retrieved February 18,

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